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Creative professionals make gains for writing and other creative work

Connie's coaching style is filled with wisdom, warmth and an ability to foster enthusiasm and fun in the process. . . . I particularly valued the wisdom Connie brought to each session, through a combination of her keen intellect, warm heart and encouragement of learning through listening to messages from a somatic level. Consultant K. H.

I am touched by the virtuality/vitality of it all . . . my voice ~ yours on the phone. Thanks, Connie, for your sensitive presence and graceful prodding, your ability to allow space to pull things out of myself. You help me continually birth the awareness of language [and] open a window to my truth. Dancer and Psychologist M. P.

Now I am engaged ~ and could not imagine that engagement a month ago. Connie helped me find the usable bits of my own way of approaching writing, which I could then make into a work plan. Professor and Dance/Movement Therapist M. C.

Connie enabled me to take a fresh look at a project I had been stuck on, the way a painter will pause and take a few steps back from her painting, letting it tell her what needs to happen next. She helped me disentangle myself from the details and reconnect with my excitement around this project, and she also gave me some tools to use in case I should get stuck again. Writer and 5Rhythms Teacher J. W.

Working with Connie Frey is like having an expert gardener help nourish the soil and plant the appropriate seeds to yield great gifts while honoring the oaks and flower beds that already exist. I especially appreciate how possibilities emerge from the flow of going from metaphor to action. Also, I've begun listening to my body and following my internal system. Human Development Specialist C. B.

Being coached by Connie was a spiritual experience, a choreography where I felt respected, challenged, championed and creatively empowered. Writer and Certified Coach J. H.

Thank you for putting your hand with mine as I turn the ignition on this work that truly needs to go forward. You listened with your whole self and, as a result, I listened to my own questions and myself more deeply and creatively. Dance/Movement Therapist and Spiritual Director J. L.-K.

Connie coached me to come up with meaningful words that clearly convey the new services I offer. She helped me organize the jumble and move forward, feeling connected to my intentions and comfortable sharing them. Art Psychotherapist, J. Q.

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